Presentation Schedule

Oral Presentation Schedule (Building D)

Date: 17th May 2018 (12.40-14.50)

Room Area Chair ID Title Presenter Name
D502 IT-1 Asst. Prof. Dr.Annop Monsakul 62 Smart Parking System Using IoT Technology Krit Nambut
75 DHEA: A Dynamic Hierarchical Edge Architecture for a Participatory Approach Toward IoT Evolution Suppachok Kiatikitikul
149 The Design of IoT System For Icehouse Manufacturing Anusorn Yodjaiphet
98 Proposal of IEEE 802.11 Wake-Up Control Method Using IEEE 802.15.4 for Low Energy Consumption Hideyuki Kobayashi
125 Using Normalized Entropy to Compare Traffic Differences in Stable and Unstable Time Slots Napaphat Vichaidis
127 Event Detection in Traffic Observed by Internet Threat Monitoring System by Focusing Occurrence Probability Matrices of Correlation Coefficient Hiroshi Tsunoda
D503 IT-2 Dr.Paskorn Apirakvora-pinit 3 A Method for Analyzing Solution Diversity in Topic Models Toshio Uchiyama
99 Probabilistic Learning Models for Topic Extraction in Thai Language Chulayuth Asawaroengchai
60 A Non-homogenous Hidden Markov Model for Statistical Evaluation of Food Functionality Tsukasa Hokimoto
25 A Comparison Study between Data Mining Tools over Regression Methods: Recommendation for SMEs Prajak Chertchom
116 Using Data Mining Technique with Association Rules to Analyze Hospital Resources with Mortality Rates Saha Thitithamawat
142 Mitigating Vulnerabilities through Forecasting and Crime Trend Analysis Markdy Yuag Orong
D504 BA-1 Dr. Pard Teekasap 86 External Barriers of Energy Management Effectiveness by Using Reverse Logistics with Auto-Parts Industry in Thailand Anuwat Charoensuk
176 Implementation of Validate Invoice and Packing List Document Process by Microsoft Access: A Case Study of ABC Logistics Company Phuwadon Waiyanet
178 Servitization Framework for Product Transition in Chemical Distribution Tanyaporn Kanignant
179 Analysis of Japanese Import – Export Market Data for Logistics Case Study of Eagles Air & Sea (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Sirawit Nirawatkul
61 A Review of Multimodal Transportation Optimization Model Jirapha Udomwannakhet
51 Road Traffic Accidents Severity Factors- A Review Paper Kunanon Maneerat
D505 BA-2 Dr. Wanida Wadeecharoen 14 The impact of career satisfaction, commitment and supervisory support on organizational commitment of Thai employees: A study in Japanese subsidiaries Sansoen Sattavorn
47 Motivation and Loyalty of Employees: A Case Study of Automotive Part Company Paleerat Lakawathana
112 The Impacts of Workplace Conflict on Employees’s Contextual Performance and Employee’s Commitment: A Case Study of Private Universities in Thailand Aniefon Grace Aniefiok
151 Study of Thai Organizational Commitment Using a Three-Component Model Phenpimon Wilairatana

and Kazutoshi Asakura

152 Comparative Research Between Japan and Thailand: A Comparison of Work Motivation Among Young Human Resources Yuta Takahashi
D604 ENG-1 Dr. Sawanya Suwannawong 50 Mechanical Performance of Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites Produced by High-Density Polyethylene Resin and Rice Straw Panot Kosentor
96 Influence of Physical Characteristics and Mechanical Properties on Polyvinylchloride Flexible Sheet with Calcium Carbonate from Shells Marunat Sangsawang
110 A Study of Forced Convection Heat Transfer: Constant Heat Flux Kittiwoot Sutthivirode
140 The Comparison of Weld Metal with and without Additional Powder Using Submerged Arc Welding Buntoeng  Srikarun
141 Effects of The Austenitic Buffer Layer on Abrasive Mass Losses of Alloys Hardfaced with A Martensitic Layer Using Submerged Arc Welding Hein Zaw oo
181 Study on the Developed of Thin-Film Temperature Sensor for Measuring Combustion Chamber Wall Surface Temperature Hiromi  Saito
D605 GEL-3 Asst.Prof.

Pisith Jittisukpong

6 Effects of Communicative Competency in English by Using Project Based Learning of Undergraduate Students in Thailand Bundit Anuyahong
135 An Analysis Creative Genre Writing of Thai Adolescent Learners in terms of Their Knowledge of Information Reports Genre Nichtawan Sutinwong
136 A Study on UI Design of Smartphone App for Continuous Blended Language Learning Yuichi Ohkawa
72 Students’ Attitudes and Problems towards the Use of Mobile- Assisted Language Learning (MALL) Wipanee Pengnate
77 A Study of Attitude and Behaviour in TNI Students’ Learning of Humanities and Social Sciences Course Jarinee Hoyhoul
70 Needs of Employability Skill Characteristics based on Employers’ Perception Wipanee Pengnate


Date: 17th May 2018 (15.20-17.30)

Room Area Chair ID Title Presenter Name
D502 IT-3 Asst.Prof.Dr.Wimol San-Um 63 Adaptive Middleware for Costly Data Generation over MQTT Nattawut Tanomwong
97 Improvement of the Active Textbook System Shin-nosuke Suzuki
101 A Practical Use of Expert System “AI-Q” Focused on Creating Training Data Takuro Noguchi
122 A Fair Course Timetabling Using Genetic Algorithm with Guided Search Technique Junrie Buque Matias
130 A New Crossover Mechanism for Genetic Algorithm with Rank-based Selection Method Markdy Yuag Orong
154 Digital Signature with Multiple Signatories Based on Modified ElGamal Cryptosystem Aris Ordonez
D503 IT-4 Dr.Thongchai Kaewkiriya 73 Forecasting Export Value in the Automobile Industry Pornpimol Chaiwuttisak
148 Route Prediction in Air Travel Network Using Socio-Economic Factors and Learning Models Sukrit  Sriratanawilai
164 A Collaborative Filtering Based Library Book Recommendation System Chaloemphon Sirikayon
166 Dropout Prediction System to reduce discontinue study rate of Information Technology Students Kittinan Limsathitwong
172 Prediction of Prices for Used Car by Using Regression Models Sabir Buya
123 Measuring Efficiency of Thailand’s Football Premier Leagues using Data Envelopment Analysis Pornpimol Chaiwuttisak 
D504 BA-3 Asst.Prof.Dr.Prajak Chertchom 13 Data Analytics for Service and Operation Management Improvement in Medical Equipment Industry Metta Ongkasuwan
167 The Development of Production Procedure and Standard Database for Export Declaration Job A Case Study of Thai Airways Suwasa Thongnak
107 Open Source ERP selection for Small and Medium Enterprises by Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Sasiporn Tasnawijitwong
156 Performance Analysis of Information Technology Application of Inventory in Manufacturing Environments in Cavite Maria Teresa Pancho
180 Forecasting Tourist Behavior of Asiatique The Riverfront for Strategic Marketing Planning Phuwadol Viroonluecha
185 Model of Social Management Innovation: The Interface between Digital Technology and the Past for Thailand 4.0 Chadatan Osatis

& Supisarn Bhakdinarinath

D505 GEL-2 Asst.Prof. Pisith Jittisukpong 169 TPS Training course for the production staff Teerut


10 The Comparison of Undergraduate Student’s Learning Achievement of Open Video Online in Business Statistics Course Kosawat Ratanothayanon           
115 The Development of Competency-Based Training Course on Expert Coaching for Senior Vocational Teachers in Laos Somphavanh Khamsang
145 Multidimensional Perspectives on Readiness in Dual Cooperative Training at Lao-German Technical College for Heavy Equipment Program Vacki Wangyeng
147 Factors Affecting Secondary School Students’ Decisions towards Studying in Vocational School in Lao PDR Doua Lee
D604 ENG-2 Dr. Don Kaewdook 22 A Study of Material Grade Changes of Automotive Rear Body Floors for Cost Reduction Using Finite Element Analysis Phongkrit Boonsakul
28 Forecasting and Purchasing Planning for Shelf Life-Limited Spare Parts Sasithorn Kitti-udomporn
132 A Simulation Tool for Vertical Transportation Systems using Python Nathaporn Chaosangket
19 Research on the Cutting Texture by Turn-mill Process Yukitoshi Ihara
173 Optimizing the performance of the LECTRA automatic fabric cutting machine Monlika


D605 GEL-1 Asst.Prof.Dr. Wipanee Pengnate 5 Effects of University Students’ English Speaking According to English Instructional Model Based on Communicative Approach Theory Kornthip Ratanapumma
7 A Development of EFL Presentation Skills by Using the Communicative Approach for University Students Steven Bosley
34 Dictogloss: Redefining Dictation exercises in the EFL Classroom Simon Daniel Cooke
16 Motivation and Problems of Thai Staff in Learning English at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology Amarawadee Tappoon
35 A Study of Ability in TOEIC Test Taking Related to English Speaking for Communication of TNI Students Bundit Anuyahong
159 The New Era of Language Teaching: A Case Study of Peer Teaching Method in A German Language Class Sirimar Sirisubsatid


Date: 18th May 2018 (8.50-10.40)

Room Area Chair ID Title Presenter Name
D502 IT-5 Asst.Prof.Dr. Cholrit Luangjinda 23 Emotions and Intentions Mediated with Dialogue Acts Peter L. Ihasz
64 A Study of the Factors Influencing the Design of Daytime Running Lights Using Quality Function Deployment Combine Kansei Engineering Phongnarin Boonlumlerd
117 Assessing Symptoms of Excessive SNS usage Based on User Behavior: Effective Factors Associated with Addiction Components Ploypailin Intapong
121 A Model of Kawaii Feelings for Cosmetic Bottles Tipporn Laohakangvalvit
133 A Conceptual Design of Kanji Mobile Application with Augmented Reality Technology for Beginner Kanyarat Thongchum
D503 IT-6 Asst.Prof.Dr. Kuntpong Woraratpanya 53 Development of Hexapod Tracked Mobile Robot and Hybrid Motions for Transportation Taiga Sasaki & Toyomi Fujita
118 Commanding Mobile Robot Movement based on Natural Language Processing with RNN Encoder-Decoder Wittawin Kahuttanaseth
186 Tone Detection Of Thai Phomes for Home Robot Based On Fundamental Chaiyong Khorinphan
40 Histogram of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection in Video Thattapon Surasak
88 Performance Monitoring Tool for Mobile Application Pongsakorn Yoosuk
D504 BA-4 Asst.Prof.Dr. Wut Sookcharoen 113 Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Project Management for Reducing Cost and Time: A Case Study of Petrochemical Plant Supakan Sangroungrai
126 Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Operations and Maintenance Planning of Railway Bridge Transition Nattanin Luangboriboon
137 Inventory Reduction of Requisition Process in Raw Material Warehouse A Case Study of Rice Cooker Factory Benjaluk Niamnoy
54 Manufacturing Information System Using RFID Technology Wasinee Noonpakdee
168 Improving The Order Process To Reduce Late Delivery Cost Pannathadh Chomchark
D505 BA-5 Asst.Prof.Dr. Rachata Rungtrakulchai 11 Factors Affecting The Level Of Trust In Mobile Banking: A Case Study Of Customer Perception Toward Commercial Mobile Banking Adoption In Bangkok, Thailand Chanokrhada Wichittakul
39 An Acceptance Model of Mobile Banking Pornnapa Phuttaraksa
44 The Factors Influencing toward the Decision of Selecting the Homestay of Foreigners Peeraya Setthapat
69 International Tourists Confident toward Thailand Destination Satisfaction: A Case of Singapore Malaysia and Lao PDR Tourist Wanida Wadeecharoen
109 The Study of Customer Satisfaction towards The Services of Elderly Cares Business in Bang Khun Thian District, Bangkok Nattapol Pourprasert
D604 ENG-3 Asst.Prof. Anchalee Supitak 42 The Study of Fuel Injector Operation Using Acoustic Emission Signals Pornchai Nivesrangsan
43 Bearing Fault Monitoring by Comparison with Main Bearing Frequency Components Using Vibration Signal Dutsadee Jantarajirojkul
74 Modified DE/Sin for Economic Dispatch and Environmental Dispatch Suppakarn Chansareewittaya
76 Enhancing Ratio of TTC per Fuelcost using Evolutionary Programming with UPFC Suppakarn Chansareewittaya
114 A Study of Nonlinear DC and AC Loads Connected to PV Microgrid Pinit  Kumhom
D605 GEL-5 Asst.Prof.Dr.Wipanee Pengnate 46 An Experience Advising Senior Projects Spanning to Multiple Student Generations Nuengwong Tuaycharoen
56 Using Clinical Supervision to Uplift Research Competence of Thai New Generation Researchers: A Case of Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology Bundit Anuyahong
87 A Survey to Measure whether International Business Program (IB) Course Assignments are Developing Work Skills at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology Yu-Chin Wen
91 Using Facebook Based on Constructivist Teaching Method to Develop English Writing Dexterity of Undergraduate Students in Thailand Bandit Anuyahong
161 The Study of The Effectiveness of Teaching Contents through The Computer Assisted Instruction in Traditional Thai Massage for Health: content design and media. Chudanat Sudthongkhong


Date: 18th May 2018 (11.00-12.50)

Room Area Chair ID Title Presenter Name
D502 IT-7 Dr. Saprangsit Mruetusatorn      
26 Characterizations of Critical Heart Disease in ECG Signal Features through Recurrence Plots as for Medical Imaging Diagnostics Chakrapan Potiwanna
106 Image Quality Assessment for Medical Images Based on Gradient Information Wongsakorn Preedanan
187 Source Sound Determination in Horizontal Plane using Human Ears Shape Microphones Piyanat Sirisawat
131 Color Information Analysis that Influence Psychology on Digital Media Design Kaniknun Udomsin
D503 IT-8 Asst.Prof.Dr. Warakorn Srichavengsup 52 Understanding and Clustering Hashtag According to their Word Distributions Nartlada Bhakdisuparit
80 ClassSchedule: a Web-based Application for School Class Scheduling with Real-time Lazy Loading Veerawat Prodpran and Boonsong Srithong
103 HDLRuby, a new High Productivity Hardware Description Language Lovic Gauthier Eric
189 Feasibility Improvement of Transportation for Light Rail Train System3 Samuel Sy Chua
D504 BA-6 Dr. Wanida Wadeecharoen 12 The Relationship Between Packaging, Children’s Pester Power, Branding, And Children’s Social Power Toward Parent’s Purchasing Decision: A Case Study Of Bangkok Parents With Children Aged 5 Years Old And Below Steve Pongpet Phongsvarintr
45 The Effect of Cultural Dimensions on Service Quality Expectations of the Thai Restaurants: In Case of Japanese Customers Tanyamai Chiarakul
119 The Study of Factors Affecting Purchase Intention : A Case Study of Facebook Shoppers in Bangkok Achaya Klavaech
174 Designing An Online Marketing Investment Evaluation System Case study of Cosmetics Manufacturing Company Papada Jeemali
D505 BA-7 Dr. Metta Ongkasuwan 18 Saving and Investment Behaviour of Gen Y workforce in Bangkok and Suburb Kamolchanok Kitchon
120 The Antecedents and Consequences of Cultural Intelligence: An Exploratory Study of Taiwanese Expatriates Jin Feng Uen
124 National Economic Benefits of Circular Economy Policy Pard Teekasap
104 The Effects of Brand Equity and Brand Personality on CustomerValue: The Case of Uniqlo in Thailand Rachata Rungtrakulchai
D604 BA-8 Dr.Yu-Chin  Wen 20 Status of Japanese Held Public Company Limited Listed in The Stock Exchange of Thailand Namporn Sathirakul
82 The Effect of an Internship Experience in Japan on Thai Students’ Choice of Employment Sozo Yamamoto
85 Consumer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns of Automobile Manufacturers in Thailand Wut Sookcharoen
92 Agribusiness System for Developing of Cultivators Myint Thu Zar Tun
D605 GEL-4 Asst.Prof.Dr. Bundit Anuyahong 24 Factors affecting the enjoyment of ERP software learning for non-IT learners Paleerat Lakawathana
90 Importance of Including Practical Machine Learning Application in the Universities’ Curriculum Masahiro Sakai
108 Role-Play as an Educational Tool in Auditing Skills Praphada Srisuwan
170 Belief in Foreign Language Learning and Satisfaction with Using Google Classroom to Submit Online Homework of Undergraduate Students Masashi Inoue
175 Interaction Factors of Using MOOCs in Business Japanese Students Wipanee Pengnate